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What is sea glass?

Sea Glass begins as bottles, tableware, knickknacks, tail lights and glass used on ships; literally any type of glass carelessly tossed into the ocean or discarded on our beaches. It takes many years of pounding surf, rocky shorelines, ocean currents and sun exposure to turn rough shards into smooth and frosted jewelry quality gems.

Sea glass is becoming more scarce with every passing day. Each piece has its own remarkable color, texture and historical mystery. The finest well-worn antique shards are 50 to 100 years old. Rare colors include amethyst, pink, aqua, cornflower and cobalt blue, yellow and red.

just the facts
The exquisite gems used in the Ocean Inspired Jewelry Collection have been collected by the artist on the beaches of California. Each piece of sea glass is exactly as it was found and has not been shaped, tumbled, polished or treated in any way.

What is fine silver?

The fine silver pieces used in the jewelry collection are crafted by the Karen Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand. All silver pieces are hand made and no two are alike. Hill Tribe silver is regarded as some of the purest in the world at 99% pure silver. Silver beads, charms, pendants and toggle clasps have a unique finish and hand worked quality, and tend not to tarnish.

How do I store and clean my jewelry?

Storing your fine and sterling silver jewelry in a container, cloth or plastic zipper bag will keep the silver looking bright. Use a silver polishing cloth or silver polish to periodically clean your sliver. Be sure to wipe jewelry with a damp cloth after cleaning and dry thoroughly. Do not clean your jewelry in an ultrasonic machine which will remove all the oxidation from the silver.

What about repairs?

If your jewelry needs to be repaired please contact us for mailing instructions. Upon receipt we will call you with a repair estimate for your approval before proceeding.