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From an early age, Jewelry Designer Lori Lambert was inspired by nature and grew up collecting its countless treasures.  A move to the sunny coast of Southern California led to her discovery of sea glass and a passion was born!

Nature requires decades to turn broken shards of glass into beautiful gems and each piece has its own remarkable color, texture and historical mystery.

Lori loves the thrill of the hunt and discovery of every tiny gem.  The growing collection inspired Lori to find a creative way to use her found treasures, and laid the foundation for Sea Glass Jewels by Adornament.

As an artist, Lori uses only pure ocean tumbled sea glass hand-picked along the surf.  Her jewelry is crafted with great enthusiasm and attention to detail.  Designs incorporate combinations of hand drilled sea glass, sterling and fine silver, beach pebbles, pearls and gemstones.

May Lori’s joy of collection and creation carry through in the wearing of these adornaments from the sea.

Lori Lambert jewelry designer
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